Welcome to Belle Époque Corsets

Belle Époque Corsets is the place to find ultra glamorous, Victorian style, tight-lacing, steel boned corsets.

We've been selling our fantastic tight lacing corsets all over the world, for the last five years at numerous trade fairs, fashion shows, and music festivals. Now, thanks to the popularity and overwhelming demand for our products, we have created this online store, and are proud to offer our distinctive range of steel boned corsets for purchase online.

All our corsets are made with either the flattened spiral steel boning, or the solid flat steel boning. Both types of steel boned corset are ideal for either serious tight lacing, or just mild figure forming wear. Details of the specific type of boning can be found in the details of each individual product. If you're new to corsets, you might want to take a look at our Cincher Underbust range as these corsets offer the simplest route into the world of corsetry. For corset aficionados, our Half-bust range, which has some fantastic designs, gives the opportunity for serious tight lacing.

All the corsets we sell are made in the traditional victorian manner, with the front fastening hook and eye system, and back lacing. There is one long lace, with a loop in the middle that can be adjusted to give a fantastic hour glass shape, reducing the waist, between 3 and 5 inches. You'll find the exact details of the type of lacing in the individual corset descriptions. For help with fastening and lacing your corset, see the videos that we've sourced for you to give you help with getting the best out of your corset.